The olive tree, millenarian tree of wisdom and peace, has been adopted by humanity as a source of wealth and food for thousands of years.

The history of the olive tree has its roots from the beginning of the agriculture with the first civilizations of the Mediterranean basin.

It had already been known by the Egyptians twenty years before of the Christian era, nevertheless, the definitive expansion of the olive grove in the Iberian Peninsula, occurs under occupation of the Roman Empire.

They were essentially who converted Hispania in one of the main olive oil production areas.


Due to its privileged geographical location and a special weather, Andalucía, and more specifically Jaén, the main Spanish producing province, generates over 20% of the world olive oil production, well ahead of countries like Italy or Greece.

A large part of these olive trees belong to PICUAL variety, whose select olive is characterized by its intense flavor, fruity, herbaceous aromas and high oleic acid content, makes this olive oil one of the more appreciated by consumers at home and abroad..

Competitions so prestigious such as Expoliva, Olive Japan, International Olive Oil Award, Oil China Competition or Sol D’Oro Italia demonstrate it..


The first civilizations considered the olive tree as a sacred tree, cultivated and respected it, while they obtained food and balsam from the essence of its fruits.

At all times, popular beliefs lend to the olive oil curative properties crucial pillar of the Mediterranean diet, key food because of its beneficial effects.


Numerous scientific studies recognized by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) demonstrate that an ordinary consumption of olive oil is an inexhaustible source of health.


FDA (Food and Drug Administration) agency responsible for supervising the health guarantees in the United States, authorized to include on label of products which contains olive oil, a specification showing this as helpful to reduce the risk of heart and vascular diseases.


• Reduces cholesterol, combats arterial hypertension and prevents cardiovascular diseases and others such as cancers and diabetes.


• The risk of arteriosclerosis decreases due to supply of polyphenols to our body.


• Energizes and strengthens our metabolic functions, because its high vitamin E content, a powerful antioxidant, facilitates the formation of cellular membranes and brain tissue.


• Activates calcium uptake levels, therefore stimulates the bone growth.


• Its high oleic acid content helps to restore the natural levels of moisture in the skin, as well as nourishing and regenerating the hair.

The extra virgin olive oil is a great ally to heart and arteries. Its antioxidant properties permit to this oil to be the most appropriated for cooking, especially when such foods must be fried or subjected to high temperatures.

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