The oldest information concerning the olive oil in the Jaén countryside date back to the Roman times.

Also known as marteño, lopereña or nevadiño, the variety PICUAL is native to Jaén, however, at the present time, its growing is often present in provinces such as Granada and Córdoba.


Regulated under Appellation of Origin CAMPIÑAS DE JAÉN, one of the 29 Spanish protected appellations of origin, our oil guarantees to the consumers its high quality keeping the traditional uses with regard to the oil-making process.


The Mediterranean continental climate of this area, characterized by an average annual temperature, which fluctuates between 16 and 21 ºC, lends the picual oil a great personality, offering defined sensorial nuances, particularity easily identifiable in the whole of single-variety oils.

It is an oil of intense green color, fruity, fragrant with positive notes of bitterness, spicy and astringent. Its specific attributes are the scent of fig, wood and tomato plant.

Likewise, highlight its pleasant aftertaste to banana, almonds and apple.


Its high content of oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid of great nutritional interest, provides to picual olive oil excellent health benefits, since it is one of the responsible for the reduction of LDL (harmful cholesterol to our body) and the increase of HDL (healthy cholesterol), the olive oil is very advisable for people with high cholesterol.


Essential culinary ingredient of the healthy MEDITERRÁNEAN DIET, picual oil is optimal in the salad dressing, seasoning for pasta, grilled meats and fishes, fried foods as well as preservation of food, cooked or raw.

In Aceites Segura, we are aware of the importance that our customers deserve and the significance to select exclusively the best olives, taking care of methods involved at harvest and oil-making processes. From the field to your table.

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